Assets of joannaG purchased by Custom Group Limited

Custom Group Limited, has purchased the remaining assets of joannaG, joannaG was a well known chain of stores and lingerie in home party plan organization.

Custom Group Limited has all intentions to reinvigorate the joannaG brand, which will eventually include Lingerie in home parties.

There will be some changes in the way that things are done, but we are trying to simplify the business model and make the customer feel at home, whether purchasing online, or at a party plan.

All items will be delivered efficiently from our warehouse in Christchurch and will be shipped as fast as possible if ordered prior to 1pm daily.

Discretion will be gauranteed with all products packaged in plain packaging, credit card statements with “Paypal” or “Custom Group Limited”  on an invoice.

More details are yet to come, but you can purchase items from the “R18 Store NZ” website available at

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