NEW Flavoured Organic Lubricant

Our joannaG Flavoured Organic Lubricant range is now here. With our 100% organic lubricant used as a base, we have added some organic natural flavours to create an exciting new range.

Still made with 100% Organic ingredients, these are set to be a hit with our customers. Our natural organic lubricant is proven to be extremely popular and this will increase this.

Many flavoured lubricants are flavoured with artificial flavouring, leaving an overpowering taste, a chemical taste, and more. Our natural organic flavours are mild, non overpowering and taste like the products they represent, not chemical.

These are an amazing item, come in an attractive 100ml bottle, with a pump and cap for easy use, and storage.

Made right here in Christchurch NZ, with 100% organic ingredients.

Ask for our range by name.

Available in the following flavours:

And our Natural unflavoured option

RRP $39.95 per bottle.

3 Pack option available for Cherry 100ml, Chocolate 100ml, Strawberry 100ml in a satin bag with drawstring RRP $109.95

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