JoannaG Organic Lubricant 100ml

This item has been in the works for some time, created specifically for JoannaG from right here in gods own, New Zealand.

It is finally here

All ingredients in this lubricant have been certified organic.

Our all new Organic Lubricant manufactured in New Zealand, specifically for us has been manufactured to meet our specifications and to fill a gap in the market.

General Lubricant can kill the positive bacteria causing the likes of bacterial infections such as thrush. Our lubricant is PH 4.5 and may have further benefits such as may help prevent thrush.

We have created not only a great organic lubricant in New Zealand, but we also have created a product, which has multiple uses and can be used as a massage oil.

Safe to eat, and comes in either plain or flavoured varieties.

100% of the ingredients which make up our Organic Lubricant, are certified organic.

A lot of time has gone into this lubricant to make sure it meets the needs, has a neutral PH Level, health benefits, and is of the right consistency.

Packaged in an attractive aluminum pump bottle which is recyclable / reusable.

With a RRP of $39.90 ask for it by name.

New products coming soon.

Its Slippery, its organic, its coming soon.

We have an item that has been in the pipeline for some time, with a fair bit of work going into it, and a few modifications we are almost ready for full production of this awesome product which will also have health benefits.

Locally made, organic, and a range of options we believe its a game changer.

Be prepared, and remember to ask for our products by name (JoannaG)

JoannaG Premium Silicone Bodyglide 100ml

RRP $34.90

JoannaG Premium Silicone Bodyglide is an ideal universal intimate lubricant for use before or during sex,or for full body massage.

Premium turns to a sensuous glide as it evaporates and absorbs into the skin. It disappears completely in about 45 minutes, leaving your skin soft supple and conditioned. Slippery under water for use in shower or spa.

An all over Massage and Sexual Lubricant, Evaporates and absorbs into the body.
Hypo-allergenic Does not contain preservatives.

Clean from fabrics in a hot wash with detergent.

Sponge from floor with Methylated spirits or dry cleaning solvents.

Store in a clean dry place at room temperature.

Comes in a 100ml airless pump bottle.


  • Silicone
  • Highly concentrated
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to clean up
  • Suitable to use as lubricant, massage or moisturizing body glide
  • Does not contain any preservatives

Lust Wax – Lemon and Lime

RRP $39.90

This Lust Wax – Massage Wax, is specially designed for JoannaG.

Made in New Zealand from 100% Natural products this wax is sure to win the hearts of the person receiving the massaged wax.

Unlike oil this wax will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft, without the oily residue.

Contains the following ingredients:
Apricot kernel oil   ( a light spreading oil)
Avocado oil   ( gives a silky smooth soft feel)
Bees wax
Vitamin E  (extending shelf life)
Grapeseed extract ( for extending shelf life, (anti-microbial, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant )
Fragrance 100% natural Lemon and Lime

Made with high quality ingredients. 100% safe to be used as an edible product.

Some product reviews:

“Amazing massage wax that’s not hard at all”

“A refreshing citrus / eucalyptus scent which is lovely and inviting.
Really easy to use and not thick and hard to massage and play with.
A little goes along way and doesn’t seem to affect my sensitive skin.”

“An awesome blend which leaves the body feeling refreshed after a massage, no oily residue.”

“Love it, smells amazing, feels great on your skin and has a slight warming sensation.”

“Delightful, citrus scented massage wax with a slight warming sensation.”