Our Range

We currently provide a large range of items for sale which are branded under JoannaG branding. Or brands under JoannaG such as, Slick Kitty, Wicked Play, Love inc.

At Joanna G, we know that Love, Romance and Intimacy (the sex part) is an important part of our relationships.

Every woman has a “base” sexual personality. There are 3 base sexual personalities: The first is the Kitty – Kitties are fun & playful, The second personality is Love, Love personalities are romantic & loving, and the final personality is Wicked, and, well, you are just plain naughty!

Joanna G has created 3 ranges to go with your sexual personality. We have Slick Kitty for the Kitty personalities, Love Inc for of course, the Loves and Wicked Play for you naughty Wicked ones.

Slick Kitty. Kitties are fun loving, outgoing and like lots of variance in a relationship.
Love Inc. Love Incs are romantic, giving and like to feel loved in a relationship.
Wicked Play. Wicked people are normal by day, naughty by night and like new experiences in a relationship.

These brands can be identified by the letters in the product code, SK = Slick Kitty. LI = Love Inc. WP = Wicked Play.

Other codes are FM = For Men. GT = Glass Toys.

Just because these brands have been based upon those three personalities, it doesn’t mean a particular item describes that person, it does however mean it is most likely to appeal to those personalities.

All items are currently available exclusively via the R18 Store NZ, their affiliates, and Party Consultants. Although this may change in the future.

Where possible items are made right here in NZ. All lubes, oils, stimulants etc are manufactured here in NZ.

Items include:

Massage Oils
Libido Gels / Stimulants
Sex Toys
Bondage Gear

Some of JoannaG’s Lubes, Oils, Stimulants made right here in NZ:

Some of JoannaG branded Sex Toys:

This is by no means a limitation on what items we stock, but it is merely a sample. All items will be uploaded over time.