Our Story

Joanna G was created in May 2003 to promote the benefits of healthy intimate relationships.

In February 2006 the first Joanna G store was opened in Christchurch, Napier followed opening in October 2006, A franchise model seen more stores opening around the country.

The Joanna G business ended up with numerous stores up and down the country. Party plans and direct sales also continued. The Joanna G Brand had developed into New Zealands Largest Party Planning business, and had a large retail presence in New Zealand.

The Joanna G Business, Website, and Trademark etc were purchased at some point from the original creator, whilst things still operated for sometime, it seen the shops close, and slowly things started to drop off.

In December 2019, Joanna G assets that were remaining were purchased by Custom Group Limited, and merged into their online store offering the R18 Store NZ, All Joanna G products you are accustomed to are available via the R18 Store NZ. Custom Group Limited purchased the assets and the brand with the intention to reinvigorate it.

In the future you will see Joanna G items being renewed, Joanna G parties restarted, and a range of products bearing the brand “Joanna G” we are in a phase at present of turning the Joanna G brand into exactly that a Brand, and Brand that is fairly well known will be reinvigorated.

Joanna G’s philosophy is based on the three key relationship ingredients: romance, intimacy and love. Joanna G provides the opportunity for people to learn new ways to enhance and celebrate their relationships and provide access to quality, well priced intimate apparel and products in a fun, comfortable and pornography-free environment.

You can be sure if you see the “Joanna G” brand the items are of high quality, affordable and contain the three key ingredients: Romance, Intimacy, and Love.